McCann: Still plenty of time for redistricting proposal

Aug 6, 2013

Sean McCann
Credit WMUK


State Representative Sean McCann says the fairness of having an independent commission draw legislative districts should have bipartisan appeal. 

McCann introduced the proposal in June. It would require amending the state Constitution. In an interview for the WMUK program WestSouthwest, McCann says he received many e-mails supprting his plan, but there has not been bi-partisan co-sponsorship of the bills as he had hoped. McCann says in other states, an independent commission has been created by a voter initiated referendum. 

McCann says he hopes that his proposal would "filter out the most ideological actors" and lead to compromise on legislative districts. McCann says he's open to changes to his original proposal. "Should we ever have any hearings."

The full interview can be heard on WestSouthwest Wednesday morning at 9:20.