Medicaid Expansion Approved For Flint

Mar 3, 2016

Credit MPRN

(MPRN-Flint) The federal government has approved expanding Medicaid for kids and pregnant women affected by Flint’s water crisis. 

The state requested the change last month. It will allow Flint residents up to 21 years old, as well as pregnant women, to be eligible for Medicaid.

Gov. Rick Snyder says the move will help the state mitigate the risks of lead exposure and identify long-term health effects.

“Together with the health care community, we are working to ensure that Flint residents receive a full range of health and social support today and in the future,” said Snyder. “I appreciate that our federal partners expedited the review and granted this waiver.”

Snyder has also appealed a recent federal decision to deny a request that could bring more emergency funding to Flint. In the letter, the governor says the cost of the water crisis has exceeded $140 million and is growing.