Michigan Citizen Action Director calls for "balanced approach" to deficit reduction

Mar 4, 2013

The sequester has been place since Friday. The across the board spending cuts went into effect when no agreement could be reached on a deal to reduce the federal budget deficit. Michigan Citizen Action Executive Director Linda Teeter spoke with WMUK's Gordon Evans on the cuts Monday morning.

File photo of W.K. Kellogg Airport in Battle Creek. The tower could be closed because of federal sequestration.
Credit The Associated Press

Teeter says the effect of the cuts will be felt soon. She says that will include programs like Head Start and special education. She says there could be fewer dollars at Western Michigan University for programs like research and work-study. 

Michigan Citizen Action and other groups have said the cuts are arbitrary and will affect things like mental health services and public safety. Teeter says a balanced approach that includes both spending reductions and increased revenues is the best way to reduce the deficit. She says closing tax loopholes would help raise revenue. 

Teeter says she expects the federal cuts to be felt soon in Michigan. But she says some effects won't be felt right away. As an example she says a child who doesn't get into Head Start might be invisible for now, but will be felt in the future. 

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