Michigan "Right to Work" law faces lawsuit

Jan 31, 2013

Anti-right to work protestors face State Police in Lansing in December (file photo)
Credit The Associated Press

Opponents of Michigan’s new “Right to Work” law have asked a judge in Lansing to throw it out. The Michigan chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union filed the motion in Ingham County Circuit Court Thursday. It amends a lawsuit filed early last month when Republican legislative leaders closed the Capitol Building to the public during protests against the law. This week, Governor Rick Snyder asked the Michigan Supreme Court to rule on whether or not the “Right to Work” statute is constitutional.

The ACLU says it filed the amended lawsuit "on behalf of a journalist, citizens, legislators, and unions". In a news release, Michigan ACLU Director Kary Moss said that rushing the "right to work" issue through the legislature at the last-minute durings its post-election lame duck session was "illegal and shameful".

Republicans, including Gov. Rick Snyder, who support the law say it is is needed to make Michigan competitive with other states. Among other things, the law prohibits employers from collection union dues.