MLive Kalamazoo finds Methamphetamine problem persists in Southwest Michigan

Jul 1, 2013

Meth products - file photo
Credit WMUK


Saint Joseph and Kalamazoo Counties are tops in the state for sales of pseudoephedrine a key ingredient in producing meth. 

MLive Kalamazoo's series on meth found the problem continues in Southwest Michigan despite new laws to track and limit sales of pseudoephedrine. MLive Kalamazoo reporter Rosemary Parker told WMUK's Gordon Evans that by all measures the problem of meth is as bad as it's ever been, possibly worse.

Parker says those measures includes hospital stays for burns from meth labs and children placed in foster care. She says other states have made pseudoephedrine available only by prescription. Parker says there have also been new additives that may help with cold symptoms without the ingredients that are used in meth production.

Making pseudoephedrine available only by prescription would be inconvenient for people looking for relief from a cold. Parker says there's been little support for state legislation that would require a prescription for pseudoephedrine.