Opposition Grows To GOP Healthcare Overhaul

Mar 17, 2017

Borgess Hospital - file photo
Credit WMUK

(MPRN-Lansing) Pressure’s growing on Michigan’s congressional Republicans who have to make a decision whether to support a healthcare overhaul that could be voted on next week. 

Some Republicans have supported the early version of the plan. Others say they’re withholding judgment. Democrats are opposed. Paula Cunningham is the state director of the AARP of Michigan. She says the proposed replacement for the Affordable Care Act would mean higher costs for older people.

“Do the math? You know, what does that do to their income? What does that do to their income? It is simply unacceptable.”

Cunningham says the GOP plan would price low-income older people out of insurance coverage. A study by the left-leaning Michigan League for Public Policy says the plan puts health coverage for 2.5-million people in Michigan at risk.