Paw Paw couple prepares for vote in Kenya next month

Feb 18, 2013

A couple from Paw Paw is preparing for elections in Kenya next month. 

Voter education session
Credit Peacemaking in Africa Blog

An update on  Joe and Kathy Ossman's blog  says Joe recently attended voter education sessions ahead of the election in Kenya. 

Joe Ossman says the new Kenyan Constitution means that there are many more offices to vote for at the local level. He says that makes voter education especially important. 

Violence followed the last elections in 2007. Joe Ossman says that was caused in part by many voters believing that fraud was rampant in that election. Part of the voter education effort instructs people on what to expect at the polls when they arrive to cast their ballot. 

Joe and Kathy Ossman spoke with WMUK's Gordon Evans in September before they left for Kenya.