Peters Says "Common Sense" Can Reduce Spending

Mar 18, 2015

Capitol Hill Washington D.C. - file photo
Credit iStock/Svetlana Larina

U.S. Senator Gary Peters says proposed bi-partisan legislation would help reduce government spending in a common sense fashion. 

Peters is co-sponsoring the bills with Colorado Republican Cory Gardner. The Michigan Democrats says they require Congress to hold hearings on General Accounting Office reports on waste and duplication in government programs. Peters says the recommendations made by the GAO often aren't picked up by Congress. He says it would also require a vote on recommendations to reduce spending made by the President. 

Gary Peters (right) at Western Michigan University's Homer Stryker MD School of Medicine - file photo
Credit Robbie Feinberg

Philosophical differences remain over the role of government. But Peters says that shouldn't stop work from being done on "simple" things. But he says "in this town, not everything is simple." Peters says working on areas where this is agreement can lead to the relationships necessary to reach compromise on larger issues. 

The Senate is considering a human trafficking legislation which is being held up by a debate over language that limits spending on abortion. Peters says the bill had bi-partisan support. He says the amendments on abortion funding should be stripped out and a vote held on the issues where there is broad agreement.