Professor Discusses "Hate Music" and Politics at WMU

Mar 12, 2014

A swastika drawn on the sign outside of a Georgia Congressman's office in 2009 - file photo
Credit The Associated Press

Nancy Love is a Professor of Government and Justice Studies at Appalachian State University. Her current research centers on music and politics of the radical right. 

Love will deliver the annual Samuel Clark Lecture sponsored by Western Michigan University's Political Science Department and the Institute of Government and Politics. She will speak Thursday night at 7:00 in Western Michigan University's Fetzer Center. Her address is called "Hate Music, Political Violence and Democratic Politics." 

WMUK's Gordon Evans asked Love to spell out what that title means. Love says her study has focused on music that targets particular groups and advocates violence against certain groups. Love says she's interested in how that influences the tone of politics today. 

Love says the white power music industry is a multi-million dollar global industry. She says it's in many ways an underground movement. Love says much of the music is in "hidden spaces." But she says a lot of the music she discusses can be purchased through mainstream places like Amazon. 

When it comes to solutions, Love says she doesn't want to argue for censorship. But she says in some ways it's easier for bands to record and distribute from the United States than from other western democracies. Love says it's important that people are aware of how available the music is, so the harmful messages can be countered.