Running to Help Wounded Warriors

Apr 9, 2014

The starting line of the 2013 WMU Wounded Warrior Run

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have affected thousands of veterans. Many must cope with severe physical injuries while others grapple with emotional and psychological scars. This weekend an event at Western Michigan University will raise money for a national organization dedicated to helping them. The 5K run and walk for the Wounded Warrior Project is sponsored by the university’s Joint ROTC Community Outreach Corps.

WMU Air Force ROTC cadet Anthony Drewicz, who is one of the event’s coordinators, says organizers hope to raise $20,000 on Saturday. Three previous runs raised a total of about $15,000. Drewicz says this year’s goal was set much higher than in the past in part because more sponsors are willing to donate more money.

That money goes to the Wounded Warrior Project, a national organization based in Florida that helps pay for artificial limbs and other care for injured veterans. The group also advocates for those hurt because of military service. This year the Wounded Warrior Project called on Congress and the Department of Veterans Affairs to improve rehabilitation services and make sure that “timely and effective” mental health care is offered at all VA facilities.

The Wounded Warrior Run/Walk at WMU starts at 9 a.m. on Saturday, April 12th in parking lot 105 near Western’s Army Battalion building. Registration begins at 7:30 a.m. More information is available at the event webpage.