Schauer Picks Oakland County Clerk as Running Mate

Apr 3, 2014

Mark Schauer- file photo
Credit WMUK


Democrat Mark Schauer has selected Lisa Brown to run for Lieutenant Governor. 

Schauer's campaign for governor has events planned around the state today. Gongwer News Service Editor Zach Gorchow says Brown's history in Oakland County makes her a logical pick for Schauer's running mate. She has won tough elections there for state House and County Clerk. Gorchow says the Republicans need a strong showing in Oakland County to win a statewide race. He says Brown also has a reputation as a strong fundraiser. Gorchow says the Democrats by selecting a woman, provide a contrast to the Republicans who have two men, Governor Rick Snyder and Lieutenant Governor Brian Calley, at the top of their ticket. 

The announcement comes four months before the primary where as of now Schauer is unopposed for the Democratic nomination. Candidates for Lieutenant Governor are selected at party conventions in August. Gorchow says the Schauer campaign used the announcement to make some news early, and use Brown's fundraising ability to their advantage. 

But Gorchow says the specific timing is peculiar because the news broke Wednesday as President Obama was speaking in Ann Arbor. He says that may have prevented the Schauer campaign from getting more attention in the current news cycle.