Schuette And MDOC On Board With Potential Parole Changes

Jun 1, 2018

Credit MPRN

(MPRN-Lansing) Michigan’s top prosecutor is on board with proposed changes to how the state parole board determines if an inmate can be released from prison. 

The bill gives the parole board a specific list of objective reasons for denying an inmate parole – like the inmate shows a pattern of ongoing behavior that shows the inmate would be a substantial risk to public safety. Another reason is if the inmate fails to complete a program ordered by the prison system.

The goal is to parole inmates who can safely re-enter society and reduce the prison population.

“We have to look at this from a standpoint and making sure that individuals that are incarcerated, almost all of which are going to be coming out back into society have taken a self-interest in themselves and their rehabilitation,”

said bill sponsor Klint Kesto (R-Commerce Township).

Last year, Schuette opposed a proposal to release well-behaved inmates after serving their minimum sentence. But Schuette supports the new proposal, which passed out of the state House this week.

“This is a country of second chances,” Schuette said. “What you want to make sure when someone comes out of prison there’s an opportunity for a job and some hope.”

The legislation is now waiting for action from the state Senate.