Snyder may back non-disclosure on issue ads

Dec 13, 2013

In an interview with the Gongwer News Service Governor Rick Snyder says he's reconsidering how free speech relates to the disclosing the names of donors who pay for "issue ads."

File photo of Governor Snyder being interviewed at WMUK - July, 2013
Credit WMUK

Legislation that increases the limits on what people can contribute to candidate campaigns also blocks an effort by Secretary of State Ruth Johnson to require issue ad groups to disclose their donors and spending activity. 

As a candidate for governor in 2010, Snyder favored increased financial disclosure. But Snyder tells Gongwer (subscription required) that he believes people should be able to share ideas without the risk of being harassed. 

In an op-ed column for the Detroit Free Press Michigan Campaign Finance Network Executive Director Rich Robinson says the governor has a choice to stand up for the accountability he promised as a candidate, or to allow the continued use of "dark money" in political campaigns.