Southwest Michigan Today For Wednesday September 6, 2017

Sep 6, 2017

WMU's faculty union says it has a tentative contract agreement with the university. Governor Rick Snyder and others call for action to protect "Dreamers." Portage has a new policy if ever faced with an "active shooter" situation. 

The union representing faculty members at Western Michigan University says a tentative agreement has been reached on a new contract. A blog post for the Western Michigan University chapter of the American Association of University Professors says the agreement was reached late Tuesday night shortly before their existing contract was due to expire. No details have been revealed about the agreement. It must be approved by the AAUP’s rank and file members as well as Western’s Board of Trustees.

Governor Rick Snyder says Congress should act to protect people from being deported if they were brought to the country illegally as children. The governor’s office released a statement shortly after President Trump’s announcement that the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program will end in six months without congressional action. There are roughly 64 hundred people in Michigan protected from deportation under the program. The state Civil Rights director says his department will be on the lookout for acts of hate and discrimination that may be brought on by the growing intensity of the debate over immigration. The Detroit News reports that the decision drew mostly criticism from members of Michigan’s Congressional delegation.

The Portage Public Schools have a new policy if the district ever has an "active shooter" situation. The Kalamazoo Gazette says it's adopted the "ALICE" initiative. That stands for "Alert Lockdown Inform Counter Evacuate." Portage School officials say they hope it never has to be used. It tells students and staff to leave buildings where there's an armed intruder or barricade themselves inside instead of just hiding. If that doesn't work they can fight back. Similar policies have been adopted by other schools as well as businesses and government agencies. Portage students and staff will get training on the new policy during lockdown drills.