State Senate Bills Would Allow Bake Sales to Make a Comeback

Mar 19, 2015

Credit WMUK

(MPRN-Lansing) Michigan schools could hold up to three bake sales per week during school hours under a bill approved by the state Senate. 

Bill sponsor state Sen. Patrick Colbeck (R-Canton Twp.) says local student organizations have asked him why they’re no longer able to sell certain baked goods to raise money.

“I didn’t recall having passed any law that would have prohibited any bake sale, but I said I’d go off and check,”

he said. It turns out new federal regulations require all food sold during the school day to meet nutrition standards. States can pass exemptions for fundraisers.

“Senate Bill 139 seems like common sense change that would balance the need for organizations like Boy and Girl Scout troops to raise money with the federal government’s desire to regulate the nutritional intake of our youth,”

said Colbeck. The bill got overwhelming bipartisan support and now heads to the state House.

But some critics say it will undermine efforts to combat child obesity.

“We’re saying, ‘have bake sales three days a week.’ Three days a week! That seems excessive to me if in fact you’re saying that you’re promoting healthy kids,”

said state Sen. Vincent Gregory (D-Southfield) – the only state senator to vote against the bill.