Teach Your Kids About Money Now, Says Stanley Steppes

Dec 15, 2014

Stanley Steppes and his son Christian holding copies of Steppes' book 'Christian and Daddy Go Shopping'
Credit courtesy of Stanley Steppes

When should you start teaching your kids good money practices? Kalamazoo’s Stanley Steppes says right now. 

He’s the founder and CEO of Financial Literacy Partners of America—a financial education and consulting firm for adults—and Money Smart Kids, a similar program for children. It all started two years ago, when Steppes wrote a children’s book called Christian and Daddy Go Shopping, modeled after a trip to help his 5-year-old son pick out a birthday present for his mom. 

Steppes says his goal with the Money Smart Kids programs is to get kids to ask questions about spending and encourage parents to make every day activities teachable moments.