Wedded to the Land: Stories from life on an organic farm

Dec 9, 2013

Credit courtesy of Joan Donaldson

Every season, WMUK correspondent Joan Donaldson gives us a snapshot of what life is like living off-the-grid on her organic fruit farm. Now you can read all about it in her new book Wedded to the Land. On Saturday, Donaldson and other local authors will be at Kazoo Books on Parkview Avenue for the store’s 4th Annual Author’s Day. Donaldson will be there from noon to 1:30.

In Wedded to the Land, Donaldson's stories paint a picture of the romance that goes along with leading the simple life, but also how much blood, sweat, and tears go into it. Some of the stories also delve into Donaldson's personal life, like her relationship with her two sons whom she adopted from a Colombian orphanage. Listen to the full interview for more details.