WestSouthwest: Comedian Mark Lundholm

Nov 19, 2013

Mark Lundholm
Credit Dan Dion, marklundholm.com


Mark Lundholm says he struggled with addiction for a long time, and in some ways he still does. But Lundholm has been sober for 25 years. 

Lundholm will perform Wednesday night at the Dalton Center Recital Hall as part of the Coming Together event. Tickets are available at the door or by calling 343-1651. The cost is $20 per ticket, $10 for students and veterans. 

Lundholm told WMUK's Gordon Evans that the bottom was living on the streets of Oakland, California in the 1980's. Now he uses those stories as part of a comedy act about addiction and recovery. Lundholm says his real disease is "first thought wrong." If he follows his first thought, it will get him into trouble. Lundholm says sometimes it takes a while to get to the thought that's right. 

Addictions go past alcohol or drugs according to Lundholm. He says food, shopping and Facebook can all be addictions. Lundholm says his two addictions now are caffeine and working. He says his show is primarily about entertainment, but he says he also hopes to reach people who may be having trouble dealing with addiction. 

Lundholm says he has few taboos in his act, but he says there are some boundaries he won't cross. Those include the "collateral damage" caused by addiction of death, drunk driving, and child abuse or neglect. 

Intelligence is not necessarily a good weapon to battle addiction, according to Lundholm. He says he made poor choices as an addict and couldn't understand why because he considered himself a smart person. But Lundholm says you can't out think a disease that's a force of nature.