WestSouthwest: Governor Rick Snyder

Jul 30, 2013

Govenror Snyder on WestSouthwest
Credit WMUK


Govenror Rick Snyder is this week's guest on WestSouthwest. 

The governor sat down for an interview with WMUK's Gordon Evans, Battle Creek Enquirer Reporter Jennifer Bowman and MLive Kalamazoo reporter Alex Mitchell. It was recorded on July 25th when the governor was in Kalamazoo. 

The discussion ranged from Detroit's bankruptcy filing, the financial health of other cities, Medicaid expansion, education and roads. 

Snyder has not formally launched a campaign for re-election. At the end of the interview, he declined to formally declare himself a candidate for another four term. Snyder was asked about some tea party activists saying that they won't support his re-election. The governor says "that's democracy."

Former Congressman and state lawmaker Mark Schauer has launched his campaign for governor. So far he is the only Democrat to get into the race. Snyder says it's not known yet what candidates may enter the race from the Democratic or Republican parties. But the governor did have some thoughts on negative campaigning. Snyder says candidate should focus on what they're going to do in office, rather than simply attacking their opponent.