WestSouthwest July 14, 2014

Jul 14, 2014

Credit Hyena/Wikicommons

An analysis of the only ballot proposal on the August ballot, and an effort to get voters to focus on children's issues in this year's election. 

Proposal One on the August ballot would eliminate Michigan's Personal Property Tax. The proposal also creates a mechanism for replacing the revenue that local governments currently receive from the tax. The Citizens Research Council of Michigan has prepared a report of the ballot proposal. Research Director Eric Lupher discusses the analysis of Proposal One. 

As voters make decisions in the August primary and the November general election, one group is hoping people focus on issues important to children. The Sandbox Party is hoping to engage voters in both the primary and the general election. Michigan's Children CEO Matt Gillard says they won't endorse candidates, but are hoping to get voters interested in this year's election.