WestSouthwest July 21, 2014

Jul 21, 2014

Michael James Joyce examines the helmet sensor
Credit Western Michigan University

A helmet that can help detect the impact the could lead to a concussion and keeping an eye on political opponents. 

A group of Western Michigan University Engineering students has developed a sensor that can help address the issue of concussions in sports. Computer and Electrical Engineering Professor Mashood Atashbar and doctoral student Binu Baby Narakathu explain how the sensor works, and its potential. They also explain how they are trying to get the device to market. 

Democrats have cried foul over Republican operatives using spyglasses to take video at a fundraising event for gubernatorial candidate Mark Schauer. The operators of the camera recorded nothing of interest, and then left a disk behind. Gongwer News Service Editor Zach Gorchow says the latest attempt to monitor or infiltrate the Schauer campaign shows that candidates have to be on guard at all times.