WestSouthwest June 12, 2017

Jun 12, 2017

Credit WMUK

On WestSouthwest, state Senator Margaret O'Brien on female genital mutilation, opioids, the state budget and a part-time legislature. And a rebroadcast of an interview from earlier this year on the merits of a local ID program. 

State Senator Margaret O'Brien has co-sponsored legislation to make female genital mutilation a state crime, she also has sponsored some of the bills in a package on prescribing opioids. She discusses those bills, the state budget and the proposal for a part-time legislature. 

A task force is due to report soon on the idea for a local ID in Kalamazoo County. Earlier this year, Sehvilla Mann spoke with the leader of one of the groups that helped create a local ID in Washtenaw County. A version of that interview is included in today's program.