WestSouthwest: Preparing for the Affordable Care Act

Sep 11, 2013

Laura Miller of New Hampshire hopes to purchase insurance through a health care exchange
Credit The Associated Press

The group Enroll America wants people to be aware that changes are coming October first. 

The non-profit group is seeking to let people know about health insurance exchanged which will open October first as part of the Affordable Care Act, also known as "ObamaCare." 

The Michigan Director of Enroll America Erin Knott says her group's motives as not political. She says they want people with no insurance or people who need additional coverage to know that the exchange will provide them with a way to compare prices and coverage. 

Enroll America has targeted 10 states, including Michigan, where staff is on the ground. Knott says those states were picked because they have the highest number of uninsured people across the country. But she says Enroll America is working with groups in other states to educate people about the new health care law.