WestSouthwest: Retired WMU professor competing in World Transplant Games

Jul 24, 2013

David Rozelle (center) at the World Transplant Games in Sweden in 2011
Credit Courtesy of David Rozelle


Retired WMU Professor of Accountancy David Rozelle is "one of the lucky ones" thanks to a heart transplant. 

Rozelle received his new heart 12 years ago this fall. He had suffered a massive heart attack in 1984 . Later he was deteriorating with congestive heart failure. Rozelle was transferred to the University of Michigan hospital with his heart failing and death seemed imminent. 

Rozelle tells WMUK's Gordon Evans that he thought he would be "semi invalid" after receiving a heart transplant. But soon he found that he felt better than he had in years. Rozelle started walking, then running. He competed in the World Transplant Games in 2011 in Sweden. Next week he will compete in the 5K and run the 400 meters in Durban South Africa. 

Rozelle will compete in the 70 and older division. He says the games raise awareness about organ donation and show what people can do with transplanted organs.