WestSouthwest: State Representative Sean McCann

Aug 7, 2013

Representative Sean McCann (right) interviewed by WMUK's Gordon Evans (left) and MLive Kalamazoo reporter Alex Mitchell
Credit WMUK

On this week's WestSouthwest State Representative Sean McCann is interviewed by WMUK's Gordon Evans and MLive Kalamazoo reporter Alex Mitchell

The topics include state revenue for local governments, Medicaid expansion, marijuana laws and contamination of the former Allied Paper landfill in Kalamazoo. 

McCann has proposed changing Michigan's method of drawing boundaries for Congressional and state legislative districts. It would require amending Michigan's Constitution. McCann says he's still optimistic that it will be seen as common-sense reform. 

On his own political future, McCann is noncommittal. He would not say if he plans to run for re-election to the state House or run in the new 20th state Senate district that will be entirely Kalamazoo County. That Senate seat would not have an incumbent if Tonya Schuitmaker runs for a district that includes Van Buren and Allegan Counties with a small portion of Kent County (MLive Kalamazoo story).  Under Michigan's term limits law McCann could serve one more two-year term in the state House.