Why is Portage still looking for a new Superintendent?

Apr 30, 2013

Portage Central High School - file photo
Credit WMUK

The Portage School Board has decided to reopen its search for a new superintendent. But MLive Kalamazoo reports that some board members are questioning why they weren't able to find a candidate the first time around. 

During Monday night's board meeting some board members claimed that "media drama," questions about possible violations of Michigan's Open Meetings Act, and demanding parents made it difficult to attract high quality candidates. 

Trustees have decided to reopen the search in part because they say none of the 23 applicants for the job met their standards for a new Superintendent. That led the board to have their search consultant reach out to Brighton Schools Superintendent Greg Gray, who became the only finalist to lead the Portage district. Last week Gray withdrew from the search and said he will stay in Brighton.