8:15 am
Mon June 23, 2014

WSW: 12 Year Old From Kalamazoo Discusses Arrest Over Immigration

Protest in Washington D.C.
Credit Michigan United

WestSouthwest with Esteban Verdugo


Esteban Verdugo says he doesn't want anyone else to experience what he did a year ago. 

Verdugo's father was deported and "I lost my fatherly figure." Verdugo says now he fears losing his step-father who is also undocumented. 

Verdugo was born in the United States. He was part of a protest in Washington D.C in June. The group, organized by Michigan United was outside the office of U.S. House Speaker John Boehner. Verdugo says they spent a few hours in a holding area, and were treated well after they were arrested.

Protest in Washington D.C.
Credit Michigan United

The protestors, including Verdugo, knew they probably wouldn't get to talk to anyone from Boehner's office, and that they would be arrested. But Verdugo says his mom was very happy. "She said that it was a time that a mother could be proud of her son being arrested." 

Verdugo says he plans to continue being active in the immigration issue. But he's not sure what that may include. But Verdugo says a vote on immigration reform is needed now.