WSW: Better Treatment For More Kids With Autism

Oct 10, 2016

Kelly Kohler
Credit WMUK

The Clinical Director of Western Michigan’s University Kalamazoo Autism Center says a new center on Westnedge is allowing for better treatment for more children with autism. 

Kelly Kohler says research shows that more hours of treatment at an early age yields better results. She says some kids are there 40 hours a week which research says provides best outcome. Kohler says others come 2-3 hours a day after school.

Data collection is important, according to Kohler. She says if kids are behind already and aren’t making progress, then changes in their treatment should be made as soon as possible. Kohler says young children can get more treatment because they don’t have to be in school. She says how much an insurance company will pay is also a factor in how long kids can spend at center. 

Kohler says people at the center say they are trying to “work ourselves out a job” by ensuring that children can go to school. But she says early intervention is the key. Kohler says if children haven’t caught up school age, they tend to fall further behind.