WSW: A "Dream Job" Supporting Non-Profits

Aug 28, 2017

Credit WMUK

Correction: In the introduction to the interview WMUK's Gordon Evans incorrectly stated that Thom Andrews was the first director of ONEplace. Andrews succeeded Bobbe Luce who was the organization's first director. 

The former Director of ONEplace says the group was launched in 2009 because almost everyone in a community is impacted by a non-profit organization.

Thom Andrews was director of the group formed to support non-profit organizations until he stepped down recently due to his health. ONEplace is based at the Kalamazoo Public Library.

Andrews says ONEplace has served as a kind of a gate keeper. He says if someone is interested in starting a non-profit “we’re there to basically, probably talk you out of it” because it’s likely that there are other non-profits already doing that work. But Andrews says sometimes there is an idea that makes sense for a new non-profit. He says ONEplace has served non-profits of all sizes helping them become more efficient and developing leaders for the organizations.

While Andrews is leaving, he says the future of ONEplace is bright. Matt Lechel is now the acting director. Andrews says Lechel is very capable, and decisions about searches will be made later. Andrews says by end of the year ONEplace will be fully staffed and running. Andrews calls stepping down due to his health, the right decision, but a tough decision. “It’s my dream job.”