WSW: Taking on Hunger

Jul 29, 2015

Passing out groceries at a food bank
Credit Sterling Communications, Wikimedia Commons

“You don’t worry about education, you don’t worry about health insurance, you don’t worry about other problems in life if you’re hungry” says the Director of the Food Bank Council of Michigan Phillip Knight. 

Knight recently wrote an op-ed column that appeared in the Battle Creek Enquirer and other media outlets in the state. Knight says the resources are available in Michigan and the political will is growing to “take hunger on” and make everyone food secure.

While hunger is a big problem, Knight says the Food Bank Council is ready for the challenge. He says there are new programs designed to make sure that people not only have access to food, but to make sure that it’s healthy food. Knight says the council is working on various initiatives, that includes buying Michigan fruits and vegetables that farmers can’t sell, but can still be eaten. Knight says while top sellers won’t purchase the produce, it can be used in the food bank system.

Knight says the goal is to take hunger “off the table” so that people can work on achieving and focusing on other aspects of their life. He says that depends on collaborative efforts with organizations, and recruiting more volunteers for food banks across the state.

Image from Wikimedia Commons