WSW: WMU President John Dunn

Jul 28, 2014

WMU's Sangren Hall at sunrise
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The recent implosion of the for-profit Corinthian College, including its Everest Institute campuses in Kalamazoo and other cities, could have students looking for other places to complete their degrees. On WMUK's WestSouthwest, Western Michigan University President John Dunn said it's ready to help them. Dunn spoke with WMUK's Andy Robins and Kalamazoo Gazette reporter Yvonne Zipp about that and several other issues, including:

Dr. John Dunn
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  The national focus on preventing sexual assaults on college campuses. Although not among the institutions identified by federal officials as needing improvement, Dunn says WMU is reviewing its policies and procedures anyway. He says Western wants to make sure that students are not discouraged from reporting inappropriate sexual behavior.

And, the future of property owned in downtown Kalamazoo by the university. The land once owned by the former Cole-Gilmore car dealership was once earmarked for a controversial arena and event complex. Support for that idea has dwindled and Dunn says there are a number of other ways the property could be used, adding that WMU has no immediate plans to develop it, though.