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Echoes creates a modern soundscape of music that draws from a multitude of cultures, traditions and genres. Hosted by music journalist John Diliberto, this daily two-hour series of evocative, ground-breaking music seamlessly bridges new instrumental, world fusion, new acoustic, impressionistic jazz and inventive vocal styles.

Special program segments include produced features that showcase an artist, cover new developments or events in contemporary music, and present Living Room Concerts, intimate performances in artists' homes. The daily features, which focus on specific artists, trends and themes in contemporary music, are similar in format to arts features heard on established news shows.

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September 19, 2013

8:01 PM
February Sun
Artist : Robert Jurjendal
Album : Source of Joy
Composer :
Label : Unsung Records
8:01 PM
Man Without a Head
Artist : Nick Jaina
Album : Primary Perception
Composer :
Label : Fluff and Gravy Records
8:06 PM
Same Stars we Shared
Artist : Amatorski
Album : Same Stars we Shared
Composer :
Label : Crammed Discs
8:06 PM
Of Flowers and Fools
Artist : Richard Bone
Album : Images from a Parallel World
Composer :
Label : AD Music
8:10 PM
Artist : Jah Wobble & Marconi Union
Album : Anomic
Composer :
Label : 30 Hertz Records
8:10 PM
Go On
Artist : Laki Mera
Album : Turn all Memory to White Noise
Composer :
Label : Just Music
8:16 PM
Sing to the Moon
Artist : Laura Mvula
Album : Sing to the Moon
Composer :
Label : Columbia
8:17 PM
George’s Caf┬┐
Artist : Hooverphonic
Album : The Night Before
Composer :
Label : Columbia Europe
8:20 PM
The First Crossing of the Watershed
Artist : Northcape
Album : Exploration and Ascent
Composer :
Label : Sun Sea Sky Productions
8:20 PM
The Fantastic Hours
Artist : Signal Hill
Album : Chase the Ghost
Composer :
Label : Sun Sea Sky Productions
8:30 PM
Burn the Witch (feat. Clare Manchon)
Artist : Olivier Libaux
Album : Uncovered Queens of the Stone Age
Composer :
Label : Music For Music Lovers
8:31 PM
The Thing that Came from Somewhere (Live)
Artist : Don Ross
Album : The Thing that Came from Somewhere
Composer :
Label : n/a-live
8:32 PM
Sweetest Melodies
Artist : Victoria Vox
Album : Key
Composer :
Label : Obus Music
8:36 PM
New Seeds
Artist : Boards of Canada
Album : Tomorrow's Harvest
Composer :
Label : Warp Records
8:40 PM
Crazy/Michael Michael Michael (Live)
Artist : Don Ross
Album : Passion Session
Composer :
Label : n/a-live
8:41 PM
Artist : William Orbit
Album : Hello Waveforms
Composer :
Label : Sanctuary Records
8:47 PM
Far Away
Artist : Bill Frisell
Album : Big Sur
Composer :
8:48 PM
Brooke’s Waltz (Live)
Artist : Don Ross
Album : Music fro Vacuuming
Composer :
Label : n/a-live
8:51 PM
If Only I Knew
Artist : Tricky
Album : False Idols
Composer :
Label : False Idols
8:53 PM
Upright and Locked Position (Live)
Artist : Don Ross
Album : Upright and Locked Position
Composer :
Label : n/a-live
8:54 PM
Heavy Heart
Artist : Johanna and the Dusty Floor
Album : Northern Lights
Composer :
Label : Red Valise