WMUK's "Pure Drop"

Sunday evening at 6
Dave Marlatt
Cara Lieurance

WMUK's Cara Lieurance and volunteer host Dave Marlatt serve up traditional music from Ireland, the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States.  Their collection of tunes goes back to immigrant recordings of the early 20th Century and spans new artists performing in the tradition.

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November 24, 2013

6:00 PM
Breton Woods
Artist : Alan Kelly Gang
Album : Small Towns and Famous Nights
Composer : Liz Carroll
Label : Alan Kelly / Blackbox Music
6:06 PM
The New Mown Meadow / Big John MacNeil / The Silver Spear
Artist : Mick Conneely, David Munnelly
Album : Tis What It Is
Composer : Traditional / Mick Conneely, David Munnelly
Label : Clo lar-Chonnachta
6:10 PM
Fishcakes and Brandy
Artist : The Outside Track
Album : Flash Company
Composer : Traditional / Outside Track
Label : The Outside Track
6:17 PM
Up to Your neck in Sand / Coffey’s Reel / John Brennan’s from Sligo
Artist : Patrick Street
Album : Made in Cork
Composer : Traditional / Patrick Street
Label : Green Linnet
6:22 PM
The Rising Sun / The Mountain Top / Captain Byng
Artist : Paudie O’Connor
Album : Different State
Composer : Traditional
Label : Pushbutton
6:25 PM
Wallop the Spot / Tom Billy’s Favourite
Artist : Harry Bradley
Album : The Night-Rambler's Companion
Composer : Traditional
Label : Harry Bradley
6:28 PM
Her Bright Smile Haunts Me Still
Artist : The Murphy Beds
Album : The Murphy Beds
Composer : Traditional / Eamon O'Leary, Jefferson Hamer
Label : Eamon O'Leary, Jefferson Hamer
6:33 PM
Paddy Fahy’s Reel / The Ewe Reel
Artist : Moving Cloud
Album : Foxglove
Composer : Paddy Fahy / Traditional
Label : Green Linnet
6:36 PM
Pot Luck
Artist : Eamonn Coyne, Kris Drever
Album : Storymap
Composer : Traditional / Eamonn Coyne, Kris Drever
Label : Compass Records
6:43 PM
Miss Walsh’s / Apples in Winter
Artist : Gearoid O Hallmhuran
Album : Traditional Music from Clare and Beyond
Composer : Traditional
Label : Celtic Crossings
6:45 PM
Bonnie Bunch of Roses
Artist : Dolores Keane
Album : There Was a Maid
Composer : Traditional
Label : Claddagh
6:52 PM
The Newcastle and Independent Hornpipes
Artist : Maeve Donnelly
Album : Flame on the Bank
Composer : Traditional
Label : Maeve Donnelly
6:55 PM
The Gullane Polka / Downey’s / Johnny O’Leary’s
Artist : Matt Cranitch, Jackie Daly
Album : The Living Stream
Composer : Traditional
Label : Matt Cranitch, Jackie Daly
11:04 am
Fri March 21, 2014

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