Ceresco dam

7:21 am
Mon July 21, 2014

Cleanup of Kalamazoo River Nears End, but Town Changed by Loss of Dam

State reached agreement with Enbridge Energy to remove dam in Ceresco as part of cleanup from 2010 oil spill
  • Source: Mlive
  • | Via: Kalamazoo Gazette
CERESCO, MI - Following a massive oil spill near Marshall four years ago, the Kalamazoo River is nearly back to normal, the restoration of its clean water, oil-free banks, natural plants and fish habitat almost complete. Fish, turtles and recreational river users will all return.
6:53 am
Thu October 31, 2013

Ceresco Dam begins coming down

Enbridge bought dam last year as part of clean up from 2010 oil spill
CERESCO - Workers cracked the top of the Ceresco Dam Wednesday, signaling the beginning of the end for the crossroads community's landmark. As half-dozen onlookers stood on the 12-Mile Road bridge just downriver of the dam about 9 a.m., large machinery pierced and dug out sections of concrete.
4:17 pm
Sun October 6, 2013

Debate over removing Ceresco Dam

Department of Natural Resources and Enbridge want dam removed. Community opposes.
  • Source: Mlive
  • | Via: Kalamazoo Gazette
CERESCO, MI -- The Michigan Department of Natural Resources would like the Kalamazoo River to return to a free-flowing state. Enbridge, the Canadian pipeline company that leaked a million gallons of crude oil into Talmadge Creek and the Kalamazoo River in July 2010, would like to complete the conditions of its mandatory river clean-up.
5:09 pm
Thu July 11, 2013

Locals protest removal of historic dam

Residents say they have concerns about Enbridge owning the property and removing the 100-year-old historic dam.
CERESCO, MI - Enbridge Inc. plans to purchase and remove Ceresco Dam, located along the Kalamazoo River just southeast of Battle Creek, if the move is best for the environment and for federal and state governments, a company spokesperson said.
6:37 am
Tue July 9, 2013

Enbridge could buy Cereso Dam

State is working to remove dams which no longer produce power
Enbridge Inc. may purchase the Ceresco Dam as it moves forward with a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency dredging order in the area. Company spokesman Jason Manshum said last week the state approached Enbridge to inquire about the possibility of buying and later removing the dam, which is privately owned.