Detroit Free Press

The show “Detroiters” is about two men who make local TV commercials. It’s the work of Detroit-born actor Sam Richardson of the show “Veep” and Clarkson native Tim Robinson from “Saturday Night Live.” The pilot was shot in Detroit, but the location for the series shoot has yet to be decided. (Detroit Free Press)

Today about 24 percent of Michigan’s kids are impoverished compared to 19 percent in 2008. The Detroit Free Press says that comes as a surprise to some who believe the U.S. is pulling out of its economic recession.

If Governor Rick Snyders signs the bills into law, the legal blood alcohol level would be dropped from 0.10 percent to .08 percent—the current limit for driving. The bills would also make the third violation a felony charge.

The plan decreases the city’s debt by about 74 percent and allows the city to reinvest nearly $1.7 billion in public services and blight removal over the next ten years.

Michigan schools will be expected to conduct standardized tests online for the first time next spring.