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Tue March 5, 2013

Detroit plans appeal against emergency financial manager

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The city of Detroit is preparing its appeal to prevent an emergency financial manager from running the city. Governor Rick Snyder announced on Friday that the city is in a state of financial emergency, and that he plans to appoint an emergency financial manager to solve the city’s problems.
Detroit - Residents and others from communities under emergency management turned up at Tuesday's City Council meeting, urging leaders to wage a legal battle against a state takeover. "This is a dark time for us," said Detroit resident Lillian Scott Jr. "It's time for you all to stand together and take this to court.
3:21 pm
Thu February 7, 2013

Snyder to increase budget for preschools

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Governor Rick Snyder included more funding for state preschools in his budgetary plan today. According to Bridge Magazine, the governor suggested raising another 130 million dollars for preschool programs in the state, with a long term plan of spending about 240 million total by fiscal year 2015. Snyder said some of that money should go toward helping low-income families pay for preschool.
(Bridge illustration/A.J. Jones) By Derek Melot/Bridge Magazine Gov. Rick Snyder formally called for an additional $130 million for state preschool classes Thursday, a move long hinted at by administration officials - and long sought by advocates for early childhood education.
3:58 pm
Wed January 23, 2013

Snyder wants reliable electricity, expanded broadband in the U.P.

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Governor Rick Snyder argued reliable electricity should be a reality in all parts of the state, not just the Lower Peninsula.
Governor Rick Snyder took questions from around the state last night in a virtual town hall meeting. The governor used the opportunity to call for better connectivity between the Upper and Lower Peninsulas. Specifically, the governor wants to see better electrical and broadband internet connections between the two peninsulas.