SW Michigan
2:23 pm
Mon July 29, 2013

New "health campus" planned in Kalamazoo

Map showing the location of the new "living campus" project
Credit KVCC

A $42 million "health campus" planned in downtown Kalamazoo will include a location for Kalamazoo Valley Community College. It plans to open a new program on sustainable production, distribution, and preparation of food. The new campus will rise on 13 acres of land donated by Bronson Healthcare near the hospital's main facility.

The new project will also feature a psychiatric clinic run by Kalamazoo Community Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services.

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SW Michigan
3:29 pm
Wed June 12, 2013

KVCC part-time faculty drop labor complaint

KVCC Texas Township campus
Credit WMUK

The union representing part-time instructors at Kalamazoo Valley Community College says it is dropping an unfair labor practice complaint against the school. The KVCC Federation of Teachers says it's signed an agreement with the college to prevent job losses.

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9:42 pm
Tue June 11, 2013

KVCC raises in district tuition 5%

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Board also approves $56.4-million operating budget for 2013-14
  • Source: Mlive
  • | Via: Kalamazoo Gazette
KALAMAZOO, MI -- Kalamazoo Valley Community College's Board of Trustees voted to raise tuition 5.4 percent for district residents at its board meeting Tuesday evening. As of the 2013-14 academic year, in-district students will pay $88 per credit hour, an increase of $4.50 per credit hour over this year.
Online classes
6:57 am
Mon May 20, 2013

KVCC professor asks "Where have all the faculty gone?"

Kalamazoo Valley Community College Arcadia Campus - file photo
Credit WMUK

Interview with Keith Kroll

Kalamazoo Valley Community College Professor Keith Kroll says he wanted to write on the proliferation of online classes at community colleges across the country. 

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12:58 pm
Tue April 30, 2013

Part-time KVCC instructors file grievance

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Union officials say the college's proposal would mean "drastic reductions" in pay and hours.
KALAMAZOO, MI -- The part-time instructors' union at Kalamazoo Valley Community College has filed an unfair labor charge against the institution with the Michigan Employment Relations Commission, the KVCC Federation of Teachers announced Monday. Beginning in the fall, part-time faculty would be limited to nine contact hours a semester, according to an email sent out to KVCC department chairs April 16.