lansing state journal

5:42 pm
Wed November 6, 2013

Legislation could increase campaign donor limits

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The legislation would allow individuals and political action committees to give twice as much as the current limit.
LANSING - A Senate panel is considering a bill that would double the limits on campaign contributions for state and local candidates in Michigan, but require more frequent public reporting. Senate Bill 661, which could be taken up today by the Senate Committee on Local Government and Elections, would allow a person to donate up to $6,800 to a candidate for statewide office, up from $3,400 currently.
2:49 pm
Wed August 28, 2013

News service for the blind to be extended six months

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Officials will use the six month extension to find out “accurate levels of use and service.”
State funding for a service that gives blind people in Michigan access to hundreds of newspapers and magazines has been extended for six months while officials try to determine "accurate levels of use and service," an official said today.
1:51 pm
Fri August 23, 2013

Senator wants to raise speed limits

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Senator Rick Jones says speed limits should match traffic patterns—and in parts of Michigan that means increasing speeds.
A Republican state senator from Grand Ledge says posted speed limits in Michigan ought to be higher and based on scientific studies, not political opinions. Sen. Rick Jones, former sheriff of Eaton County, said he wants to eliminate costly speed traps for drivers by adjusting speed limits to reflect actual traffic patterns.
5:30 pm
Thu August 15, 2013

Right-to-work covers state employees

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The Michigan Court of Appeals made that ruling Thursday. This means state employees can choose not to pay union dues as soon as January when new union contracts take effect.
LANSING - The 35,000 unionized employees who work for the state of Michigan are subject to the state's new right-to-work law, the Michigan Court of Appeals ruled today. The 2-1 ruling by the court means state workers can now opt out of paying union dues once the next round of contracts take effect in January.
4:04 pm
Wed August 7, 2013

Asthma, autism patients denied medical marijuana

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This is one of the first decisions by the Michigan Medical Marijuana Review Panel. The panel was formed about five years ago, yet still does not meet the state’s requirements for its members.
It pains Jenny Allen to see her 6-year-old autistic son bang his head against the floor and bite himself, knowing there is little she can do to calm him.