Michigan roads

4:07 pm
Tue March 19, 2013

Road budget doesn't increase, to Snyder's dismay

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A Michigan House committee passed the state transportation budget without the extra $1.2 billion Governor Rick Snyder has been pushing for to make road repairs and improvements.
Lansing - A House committee on Tuesday passed a $3.4 billion transportation budget that is $1.2 billion less than Gov. Rick Snyder wanted to fix the state's roadways. The House Appropriations transportation subcommittee's bill does not include the $1.2 billion in new revenue Snyder is seeking because the Legislature has so far been unable to agree on whose tax bills should increase to pay for road repairs.
1:06 pm
Mon February 25, 2013

Michigan business leaders support raising gas taxes, vehicle fees to repair roads

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Representatives of industries such as tourism and agriculture say the state's needs to pay for better roads.
LANSING, MI - Several Michigan business leaders called on lawmakers and the governor to increase gas taxes and vehicle registration fees to raise money for the state's crumbling roads and bridges. They said deteriorating roads hurt everything from manufacturing and agriculture to tourism and a host of other businesses.
7:48 am
Wed January 23, 2013

Snyder says some transportation money could go for mass transit

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Governor wants to raise gas taxes and vehicle registration fees, use money for roads and other transportation projects
Lansing - Gov. Rick Snyder on Tuesday refined his sales pitch for raising $1.2 billion in new gas and vehicle taxes by saying the money won't just be designated for fixing the state's roads.