Michigan Senate

"LANSING – The battle lines have been drawn on how to regulate Michigan’s energy market — and few people are happy about the choices." (Detroit Free Press)

"LANSING – The long-awaited energy regulation package from the state Senate was among the bills introduced last week, setting up a battle over multiple different pieces of energy legislation under consideration at the Capitol." (Detroit Free Press)

LANSING — His website essentially has been taken down. His phone number goes straight to voice mail. And embattled state Sen. Virgil Smith isn't expected back to Lansing this week. The Detroit Democrat is facing three felonies and a misdemeanor in connection with a non-fatal shooting involving his ex-wife — specifically, her Mercedes —outside of his Detroit home more than a week ago. (Detroit Free Press)

Jake Neher, Michigan Public Radio Network

State Senator Virgil Smith (D-Detroit) has been charged with multiple gun and assault felonies. He’s accused of hitting his ex-wife and shooting 10 bullets into her car. 

Though sometimes paid, reserve police officers act like volunteers for the force and are only allowed to carry out specific tasks.