A Wal-Mart in Hartland and a Sam’s Club in Waterford Township will close - two out of the more than 150 Wal-Mart stores expected to shut down in the United States. Wal-Mart executives implied that most of these stores are within just a few miles of another Wal-Mart.

Local governments want Governor Rick Snyder to veto a bill that bars public bodies from handing out information on ballot issues close to an election. Under state law, entities like local governments can’t use public money to tell residents how to vote on a proposal. But they can give out fact sheets about ballot issues and let voters decide. If the bill becomes law, local governments worry voters will be uniformed on election days.

Michigan voters can no longer check one box for a straight party ticket. Governor Rick Snyder signed a bill into law today that requires voters to choose individual candidates. But Snyder is seeking more ballot reform. A no-reason absentee voting bill originally accompanied the legislation, but has yet to pass in the Senate. The bill would ease requirements for voting absentee in Michigan elections.

Members of the energy industry and some legislators are pushing the state to pass energy overhaul bills by the end of this year. In April of next year, nine coal-fired power plants are expected to close. At a roundtable held by utility companies this morning, some legislative leaders said politics could get in the way of the bills if the state waits until 2016. The full House could consider the bills as early as next week. (MLive)

Governor Ricky Snyder wants the Council of Governors to review security procedures for processing refugees to make sure Michigan citizens are being protected. The council makes recommendations to the federal government on matters of security and homeland defense. Earlier this month, Snyder asked for a pause on refugee immigration in light of the terrorist attacks in Paris. (MLive)