3:08 pm
Tue December 16, 2014

Drug, Alcohol Use Down For Teens Says U-M Study

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The primary researcher on the study says alcohol use has gone down by about a third every year since 1997, and that smoking has taken a sharp decline.
According to the University of Michigan's 40th annual Monitoring the Future study released today -- which tracks substance abuse trends among 8th-,10th- and 12th-grade students nationally -- 41 percent of students surveyed said they had used alcohol in the past 12 months and 8 percent admitted to smoking cigarettes over that time period.
2:35 pm
Tue December 16, 2014

Protests Arise Over Religious Freedom Restoration Act

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The bill would let businesses and individuals seek exemptions to state or local laws that go against their religious beliefs. Those opposed to the bill worry it could be used to cancel out non-discrimination ordinances.
LANSING, MI - Protesters gathered outside Michigan Capitol on Tuesday morning, carrying colorful signs and chanting in opposition to a religious freedom bill they called a " license to discriminate." Nikki Gestwite, 28, helped organize the protest on Facebook after she and two friends first considered plans for a smaller rally in their hometown of Adrian.
4:33 pm
Thu October 9, 2014

Reserve Police Officer Bill Passes Through Michigan Senate

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Though sometimes paid, reserve police officers act like volunteers for the force and are only allowed to carry out specific tasks.
SAGINAW, MI - A bill that would give a Michigan agency the power to make rules for reserve police officers has cleared the Michigan Senate by a unanimous vote. The bill to grant oversight of reserve officers is a "step in the right direction" that has been needed for a long time, the president of the Deputy Sheriff's Association of Michigan says.
4:24 pm
Fri October 3, 2014

In 100 Years, Michigan Will Be The New Kentucky

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If the Earth keeps warming at its current rate, Michigan could have temperatures like Kentucky. That’s according to data released by Michigan State University.
Michigan appears to have had a long term warming trend since the beginning of good temperature data back to 1895. Michigan also appears to have warmed at a faster rate since 1984. If Michigan continues to warm at the faster rate, Michigan's average annual temperature would be similar to Cincinnati, OH by 2114.
2:53 pm
Fri August 15, 2014

Fake Craft Beers Discourage Drunk Driving

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The Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning and other agencies unveiled table top ads for beers like "Call a Cab Cider" and "Phone a Friend Porter."
GRAND RAPIDS, MI -- You might try the "Call a Cab Cider," the "Phone a Friend Porter" or maybe the "Responsible Red." They're all fake beers being promoted in the latest marketing campaign to deter drunken driving in Michigan. Authorities with the state Office of Highway Safety Planning and various police agencies unveiled the new campaign Friday, Aug.