abortion insurance

8:53 pm
Wed September 24, 2014

Democrats Propose Requiring Insurance Companies to Offer Abortion Coverage

Only seven of the 42 health insurance plans in the state offer optional abortion riders
LANSING - Many Democrats would simply like to repeal a law that requires women to purchase an additional rider to their insurance polices if they want abortion coverage. And while that is unlikely, since the bill passed in December with strong majorities in the Republican-controlled House and Senate, several legislators are introducing a bill this week that would require insurance companies in the state to offer those riders.
11:30 am
Thu March 13, 2014

New Michigan Laws on Medicaid Expansion, Abortion Insurance Take Effect Friday

Laws designed to address blight and allow "bring your own wine" at restaurants with liquor licenses also go on the books
LANSING, MI -- More than a dozen new laws are set to take effect this week in Michigan, impacting everything from abortion insurance to wine. The measures were approved by the Legislature last year with either a set date for implementation or without immediate effect, making them the law of the land 91 days after the final session of 2013.