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Few towns face a bigger decision next week than Albion. That’s when voters will decide whether neighboring Marshall should permanently absorb Albion’s school district. Faced with dwindling enrollment, Albion sent its high school kids to Marshall in 2013 - and its middle school kids earlier this year.

But annexation would still be a big step beyond that. Those in favor see it as relief for a struggling district, while those against say it would be the undoing of local control over education.

"ALBION — Two employees with the city of Albion have been suspended, City Manager Sheryl Mitchell said Saturday." (Battle Creek Enquirer)

Robbie Feinberg

The City of Albion hasn’t had it easy these past few decades. It was once a busy manufacturing town. By the turn of the century, though, all of its big employers disappeared, and the city has struggled to recover. But now, with the help of a surgeon from Saginaw, Albion may finally be on its way back. 

Sheryl Mitchell was hired after a five month search

Events for Bohm Theater planned for this week