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Robbie Feinberg

On October 2nd, singer Dave Menzo will make his way to Kalamazoo and perform at the Kalamazoo Valley Museum as part of Art Hop. Before heading there, though, Menzo performed in the WMUK studios, showing off his guitar melodies that he loops and layers over and over again.

It's a unique approach, but for Menzo, it's appropriately odd. The singer prides himself on his far-reaching ideas.  On his latest album, "Shhh...", Menzo decided to challenge himself by renting out every instrument he used on the album from the Ann Arbor District Library. Menzo says he thinks he's the first artist to try it, but he doesn't want to be the last.

Cleveland Orchestra Performance at the Carnival Center for the Performing Arts. Conducted by Andrew Grams. Actor: Jeff Kuhl
Classical Kids Live

On October 4th, the Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra will perform Beethoven Lives Upstairs. A popular kids program about a young boy who lives below a supposed “madman” named Ludwig van Beethoven. Vignettes of Beethoven and the boy are interspersed with the music Beethoven is known for.

Robbie Feinberg/WMUK

On its surface, the Lantern Fest -- taking place on September 26th at the Kalamazoo Speedway in Alamo Township -- sounds mostly harmless. Thousands gather together, with the big highlight coming at the very end, when more than 2,000 sky lanterns shoot up and illuminate the night sky. But it's not that simple. The event has become the latest battleground in a state and nationwide fight to ban sky lanterns, and it’s pitted Alamo Township officials, residents, protestors and organizers against each other. 

Everybody has a dream. In some cases, it's finding a great job or getting a good deal on a new car. Or perhaps you fantasize about performing to a sold-out crowd on Broadway, or winning the Kentucky Derby.

The planet Saturn can be seen diagonally to the right of the moon during a total lunar eclipse seen from Emeryville, Calif., Thursday, September 26, 1996.
AP Images/Robin Weiner

On Sunday, there will be a total eclipse of the harvest moon. It’s the last lunar eclipse we’ll see for another four years. The Kalamazoo Astronomical Society will be hosting a public watch party Sunday night at 8 p.m. at Richland Township Park.