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How long has it been since we last saw Max Rockatansky, a.k.a. Mad Max, on the big screen? Let's see: Ronald Reagan was President, desktop publishing was considered cutting-edge technology and Madonna was going on tour for the first time. 

A smelting demonstration at the 48th International Congress on Medieval Studies in 2013
WMU Medieval Institute

May 14th through May 17th, 3,000 medieval scholars from around the world will flood Western Michigan University’s campus for the 50th International Congress on Medieval Studies.

Courtesy Heather Stratton

For a lot of people, video games mean Mario. Donkey Kong. A hero in a first-person-shooter or fantasy land trying to save the day. But as technology has improved, independent game designers have created immersive games that don’t even have characters, let alone heroes. Starting May 8th, the Art Center of Battle Creek will be featuring a few of those new games, plus a few classics, as part of its exhibit called “The Art of the Video Game.”

The Diatribe Helps Teens Open Up Through Spoken Word

May 7, 2015
Members of The Diatribe
The Diatribe

Marcel “Fable” Price, a member of the poetry group, The Diatribe, will host a poetry showcase on Friday, May 8th called “Spoken Murals”, at the Kalamazoo Valley Museum at 7 p.m.

Courtesy Wellspring/Cori Terry and Dancers

If you got to a dance production, you’re likely seeing the vision of one artist: a choreographer, with occasionally help from a few others. But for the first time, Kalamazoo’s Wellspring/Cori Terry and Dancers is trying something much different. It’s bringing together three different artists: electric violinist Ritsu Katsumata, shadow theater artist Paddy Aidan, and Wellspring artistic director and choreographer Cori Terry. Together, they’ve created a chaotic, sensory multimedia experience called mistfreezemeltsteam.