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Clashing Steel With The Stage

Jul 14, 2016
Ryan Skryd

Have you ever wondered if that prop sword used in the heroic fighting scene of a play is real? Artist Jon Reeves of Kalamazoo has created countless steel props for plays over his 40 years in theater production.

Jingle dress dancers at the 1st Annual Sweet Grass Moon Pow Wow
Jesse Pigeon

A few weeks ago, kids at the Gun Lake Tribe’s summer camp in Hopkins gathered around to learn a traditional round dance before the tribe’s Sweet Grass Moon Pow Wow this weekend. The pow wow means a lot to the tribe. After all, the Gun Lake Tribe wasn’t federally recognized until the late 1990s - the last of the three Potawatomi bands in this area to achieve that status.

The Colored Museum performed in 2015 at the Avenue of the Arts, Boston University Theatre
T. Charles Erickson

Next week, Face Off Theatre Company will perform the play The Colored Museum by George C. Wolfe as part of the week-long Black Arts Festival. In the satirical play, each monologue or vignette is an “exhibit” in the museum that portrays a different stereotype about African Americans. 

If you missed an artist's work last Art Hop at the Northside Association for Community Development, it’s unlikely that you saw it there the next day. Director Mattie Jordan-Woods says there are too many things going on at the center to leave the art up all month. 

But that’s all about to change, Jordan-Woods says.

Why Greek Fest Meant So Much To Local Bellydancers

Jun 30, 2016
Maeve Hammond, WMUK

Earlier this summer, the organizers of Kalamazoo’s Greek Fest announced that next year the event would be much, much smaller. The large downtown festival would now become a sit down charity dinner for only a thousand people. For many in Kalamazoo, Greek Fest is their first - or only - exposure to belly dance. Local belly dancers say teaching people about this cultural dance helps to keep it alive.