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Two years ago, President Obama made history when he reestablished relations with Cuba - a country the U.S. had embargoed since the Cold War. What once was forbidden territory for most Americans has now become a tourist destination. 

Andy Robins / WMUK

The exact location of Fort Saint Joseph in Niles was lost for more than a century. The French built the fur trading post in the 1680’s as one of the first European settlements in the western Great Lakes. But people forgot about it soon after the fort was abandoned in the 1790’s. It remained that way until archeologists from Western Michigan University rediscovered the fort in 1998. Since then they've been learning how people lived there more than 300 years ago.

The teen fangirl magazine Tiger Beat is going through some major changes. Last year a group of 17 investors - including notables like TV host Nick Cannon and basketball star Kevin Durant - bought Tiger Beat for roughly $2 million. Since then the magazine has a new look, a new website, and updated their content to better reflect today’s generation of girls. Ilana Nash studies adolescence through Western Michigan University’s Department of Gender and Women’s Studies. She says the magazine provides a safe haven for young girls.

A photo from Ribfest 2015. Ribfest and Blues Fest still take place at the Arcadia Creek Festival Place.
Kayla Kiley

At a glance, it looks as though Kalamazoo’s festivals are leaving Arcadia Creek Festival site in droves. Over the past two years, Irish Fest moved to Old Dog Tavern. Island Fest moved to Mayor’s Riverfront Park. Taste of Kalamazoo is on hiatus. Greek Fest used to offer days of food and music. Now it will be a sit down dinner for just a thousand people. All of these festivals took place at Arcadia Creek Festival site downtown. 

Brandon Stacy (Spock), Brian Gross (Kirk) and Jeff Bond (McCoy) on the bridge of the Enterprise.
Garth Gullekson/Retro Films Studios

Star Trek Beyond opens in movie theaters nationwide July 22. It's the latest entry in a franchise that started on NBC-TV way back in 1966. No other TV show has energized fans and powered spin-offs and "reboots" over the last half-century like it has. Two Kalamazoo Star Trek fans think they know why.