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9:29 pm
Thu May 8, 2014

Gay Rights Advocates Want Vote in 2016 if Court Case Fails

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Michigan voters approved ban on gay marriage in 2004
Gay rights advocates launched a public relations campaign today across Michigan in what they said was a fresh start to persuading Michiganders that the state's ban on gay marriage should be overturned. "Our roadmap to victory calls for work on two tracks," said Emily Dievendorf, executive director of Detroit-based Equality Michigan.
7:43 pm
Mon March 10, 2014

Union fined $190,000 Over Support for 2012 Ballot Proposals

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Violations included co-mingling of funds for separate initiatives and not providing complete or accurate campaign finance reports
LANSING - Michigan Secretary of State Ruth Johnson has fined the Service Employees International Union almost $200,000 to settle an enforcement action over the way the union supported a 2012 ballot initiative. It's the second-largest such fine in state history, Johnson said in a news release.
1:59 pm
Thu February 6, 2014

Petition Drive for Part Time Legislature Can Proceed

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Over 322,000 signatures are required by July 7th to put proposal on the November ballot
The part-time Legislature petition would cut legislative sessions to 60 days a year and cut lawmakers pay in about half to $35,000 a year. It also would require that any amendments and substitutes to proposed bills would have to be published and held for five days before the Legislature could vote on the bills.