Battle Creek City Commission

Battle Creek City Hall - file photo

Mark Behnke will serve as Battle Creek’s mayor for the next year. 

Andy Robins / WMUK

On Tuesday, November 7, voters in Battle Creek will pick all nine members of the City Commission. They will elect someone to represent each of the city's five wards as well as four at-large commissioners.

The Battle Creek City Commission will consider a resolution on diversity and openness this evening. Among other things, the resolution calls for the city to embrace those who arrive as migrants or immigrants.

"A year and a half after making changes to local law, food trucks in a portion of downtown Battle Creek seem to be rolling smoothly." (Battle Creek Enquirer)

"The city of Battle Creek may increase the price to park in downtown ramps, potentially generating an additional $80,000 in annual revenue to help fund repairs." (Battle Creek Enquirer)