Battle Creek City Commission

Commissioner Jeff Domenico violated the ethics code, but he's accused his colleagues of doing the same. The Ward 5 representative said the Battle Creek City Commission also violated the Open Meetings Act and the Michigan and U.S. constitutions when it unanimously voted during a public hearing Tuesday that Domenico did not follow two sections of the ethics policy. (Battle Creek Enquirer)

"Battle Creek city commissioners said Jeff Domenico publicly attacked the police department and its leadership in a way that violated the ethics code they sign when taking office. Then they voted to give him the same punishment that he's already received twice — a verbal reprimand in a private setting." (Battle Creek Enquirer)

"Battle Creek City Commissioner Jeff Domenico faces a public hearing Tuesday on charges he violated the commission ethics code, but the Ward 5 representative said he's already been convicted by his colleagues. "We want to suppress the conversation about the issues they have in our city because they just don't want to deal with it," Domenico said Sunday." (Battle Creek Enquirer)

Battle Creek City Commissioner Jeff Domenico will face a hearing later this month on alleged ethics violations. The hearing is set for 5:30 p.m. June 23 in City Commission chambers and comes after Domenico over the past month has posted on his official Facebook page scathing criticism of the city's police department. (Battle Creek Enquirer)

Battle Creek commissioners will consider ordinance changes to help the city improve enforcement of its fireworks laws. The City Commission is scheduled at its regular meeting Tuesday to vote on whether to introduce the proposal, which prohibits property owners and occupants from allowing illegal discharging of fireworks. The changes, which also address parts of the ordinance to align with state regulations, are meant to improve officers’ chances of enforcing the rules. (Battle Creek Enquirer)